OpenICC @ FOSDEM 4 + 5 February 2012 in Brussels, Belgium

OpenICC can next year use a DevRoom at FOSDEM on Sunday together with Xorg people. The goal is to provide a meeting space for colour management topics.

Call for Talks:

So far we have one glue talk between Xorg and OpenICC, Scribus and PDF colour management, Taxi DB, OpenICC work and one about Oyranos CMS. We would be glad to see some more talks proposed related to colour management. If you think you could contribute a talk about your favorite project and user topic or get a interesting discussion rolling, then please get in contact with me.

Submission deadline is new year. We will middle January confirm accepted talks.

While OpenICC is usually much biased towards ICC ;-) , we feel obliged by the first part of our title and like to get in contact with people using other colour management standards as well and discuss all the overlapping topics. That could be movie or photography. Let┬┤s make it happen. FOSDEM is told to be a good place for that.